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About Us

Las Vegas Title Loans has been doing business in Las Vegas since 1996, one of the first title loan companies established in the State of Nevada. We started with Title Loans and along the way, added Signature Loans & Payday Loans to our profile.

We take pride in our top-notch customer service and a welcome atmosphere that our office provides to create an excellent customer experience. We make the entire process of getting a loan very simple, convenient and pleasant for our customers. We have a huge number of loyal customers who turn to us in their hour of need and have been trusting us for almost two decades.

“You are not a number when you deal with us”

All our loan business and activities are done in separate office to give you absolute privacy and confidentiality... “Nobody needs to know about your business.”

The company is independently and locally owned by a sole owner.

We are not a Franchise. We understand that you are going through hard times... and we are here to help you!

At Las Vegas Title Loans, we adhere 100% to the State guidelines. That reflects in the fact that we do not have a single complaint for all these years in business. We do not depend on gimmicks, tricks or any kind of false advertising for promoting our company and believe in being completely honest and straightforward with our customers.

We are very flexible in our approach and work with you if you are struggling or in a temporary fix. We practice an open door policy in our office and our customers are welcome to talk to any staff member or the Owner/ Manager.

Trust us, “someone is always there to listen to you”.

Call us at 702-248-6848 and give us an opportunity to extend a friendly hand to you!!!